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Can someone tell me what plugin I need to listen to this page, and where to get it? It works fine in IE.

anything that plays .wav files. The reason it plays fine in IE is because its using BGSound, which is only for IE and nothing else. However, the designers of that site were smart, and provides options if you're using another browser.

So, what program do you have that plays .wav files? Is it set up correctly?

I use Media Player 11.

download this:, close SM and WMP, install the download, restart SM, and try again. Did it work?

It didn't work. It went thru the install, but doesn't show up in the plugins list, and the page still doesn't play.

take a look in the SM program directory. There, you will see a directory called Plugins. Look there for np-mswmp.dll, npdrmv2.dll, npdsplay.dll, and npwmsdrm.dll. Are they there? If not, then close SM and search your hard drive for them, and *copy* them to the plugin directory. Did this work?

If not, then close SM, and open WMP. Click on Tools, Options, File Types, and it should be the 7th one you want [about wmv]. Make sure that is ticked. OK you way out and close WMP. Now restart SM. Did that work?

If that didn't, then get yourself another program that plays wav files, such as QuickTime.

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