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Can someone tell me what plugin I need to listen to this page, and
where to get it? It works fine in IE.

The Quick Time Alternative plug-in does the job here.  It's readily
available from a variety of sites...

If you're looking for 50s/60s music, the Heavens-Gates site file quality
is about as poor as it gets.

Not great, but better, and you may encounter less plug-in hassle, is the
site below.  Windows Media Player works for it here.

Can someone email me a copy of the np-mswmp.dll file at
I found the file, and downloaded and installed it. It now shows up in About Plugins and the test page works, but the original page I listed still does not play ands asks for a missing plugin. Now what?
Here's another page that still doesn't work for me:

go back to about:plugins and look to see what plugin is playing .wav files. Look down the list under Suffixes, and it should tell you.

The np-mswmp.dll plugin should be coming from the FF plugin I gave you a while ago.

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