Roger Fink wrote:
Jens Hatlak wrote:
Roger Fink wrote:
I just created a master password, the intention being to secure saved
passwords behind a master password in the display in Preferences
that shows the URL and user names. But I can't get a box to enter
the master password to come up for this - two clicks and the
passwords display, even after a Windows cold boot.
A Master Password alone won't secure your login data. You need to
enable encryption for that (Edit > Preferences > Privacy & Security >
 Passwords > Use encryption when storing sensitive data.). As far as
I know the
two functionalities are only separated because you always need a
Master Password if you use personal certificates (either for web
sites or mail encryption) while you're not required to encrypt login
data. Of course
it's always a good idea to do so.



If I encrypt it, is there any way I could temporarily "unencryt" it, so that
I could I could view a password? I find myself looking up passwords stored
in SM on the few occasions when I need to use IE6 to access a password (for
instance I have difficulty using the Newegg checkout using SeaMonkey).

Yeah - "Show Passwords". You'll be prompted for your Master Password. and they'll be hidden again once you close the dialog.

     - Rufus
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