John Doue replied On 12/31/2008 3:05 AM

Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
John Doue wrote:
My memory must be failing ... I remember there is (was?) an extension that allows to arrange mail accounts in whatever order. Cannot find it.
well, you didn't look hard enough: Note: you'll also need to install xsidebar.

Further, is there a way to hide a mail account from view and from the list in File, and to restore it easily? This is to prevent mails from being filed in a wrong account while keeping it handy when needed.
I have no idea what you're typing here

You did not look hard enough :-)

John, lets step back a little and examine what you are really looking for, a way to keep messages in their respective accounts and sub folders.

If you created all your e-mail accounts as individual accounts you already have a built in method of keeping all the incoming messages sorted into their correct account. If you created all your e-mail accounts using the Global Account where all your messages from all mail accounts go into Local Folders there is only one solution, change all your e-mail accounts to individual accounts in SeaMonkey.

I have four different mail accounts and each one is an individual account in SM, each account has multiple sub folders, and some of the incoming messages in these accounts are automatically diverted into respective sub folders.

The only time I get a message into the wrong account, or sub folder is when I grab a message with the mouse, drag, and drop it into the wrong hole.

Take a long look at the SeaMonkey Help files for Messages and Accounts this may help further explain how to resolve your question.

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