GerardJan wrote:
GerardJan wrote:
Michael Gordon wrote:
GerardJan replied On 1/3/2009 8:04 PM

i used a simple HTML href:

<a href=""></a>

I used the last built version (32bit) and put that in
/usr/local/seamonkey and a symlink from
/usr/local/seamonkey/seamonkey to /usr/local/bin/seamonkey2

I used that in Fedora10(redhat) and the 64-bit yum version in one
window and the last-build 32-bit version in the window beside it. My
64-bit version kept crashing, while SM2.0a2 stayed on working on the
above HTML script.

Only a *ldconfig* could let me use the 64-bit again....


Try changing the mailto= to mailto: and the remaining e-mail address.


That was not the problem, Michael, but a typo in the example, it
happened with other HREF's without mailto:'s as well. Logical is it that
32 bit and 64 bit are fishing in each other water (dutch expression).


well shoot, it was even worse, it was not /ldconfig/, it was not
/reboot/, my whole 64-bit seamonkey was kaput *yum_remove_seamonkey;*
*yum_install_seamonkey* no result... :-(
and my whole 64-bit gave still the same error, to be somewhat exact:

my machine has a duo-cpu 32/64 bit and i run 32 and 64 on the same
machine, together with a Micro-soft XP (yes, with a license).


it costed me the whole afternoon to find out what was going on:
the 64bit seamonkey did not work together with 1.1.14, same error message, wham, seamonkey went a way in less than a second. *ldconfig* did not help and for getting some backing up again i destroyed some of the /usr/lib64 library.

So i had to reinsstall my whole fedora 10 again.

The good thing is that i only work with 2.x alpha versions now.


ps. i gave up on the virtual machine, /wine/ is real good now since i worked and i had a job years 5 yrs ago............ i am retired and 60 yrs so as a tester for seamonkey is a joy in my life
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