Daniel wrote:
BrunoR wrote:
I just lost the bulk of my bookmarks.  I.E. Book marks are still there
but reduced to about 10 from more than 100.
Are there instructions somewhere on how to retrieve the lost ones, if
Thank you

Bruno, not withstanding what Bill has said, can you give us a bit of detail about what you were doing at the time that you lost the bulk of your bookmarks??

Hi, I do agree with what Bill has said;  Sometimes we just cause ourselves
to suffer unnecessary aggravations for reasons that are not always clear ;-(.

Also, my bookmarks may not have been that important to keep.  Here is what
I was doing:  I was trying to do what Bill had suggested but before making a
backup I successfully sorted my bookmarks then, trying to make that backup
file, whoops, everything was gone without me realizing what really happened.
When I looked at bookmarks again I realized that I had lost most of them
except 10 of them..

Thank you both for trying to be helpful, but I think we might as well rest the case.

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