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J. Weaver Jr. wrote:
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When I try to go to this link:

SM 1.1.14 crashes, but IE loads fine.

No problem here. Bet _your_ problem is the Java applet. Try _uncheching_ Java/JavaScript, and see if you still get the crash; if not, try upgrading Java. -JW


Thank you all for the replies.  The error message I got was:

Application: Seamonkey
Application: version 1.8.20081.2041

When I unchecked Javascript it still crashed; however, when
I unchecked Java it loaded correctly?!

I show that I have Java 6 update 11 and Java 6 update 7 installed.


close SM, then go into the windows add/remove programs, and remove ALL of the javas listed. Then reinstall 6.11. Reboot, then try SM again.

Hello Peter,

I uninstalled both update 11 and 7. The I rebooted and did a fresh download and install of 6.11. It still has the same crash!!!

Once again, if I unchecked Java it loaded fine.  I validated that
page and it showed: 12 Errors with three warnings. Don't think that
is the issue since other had no problems.

I do have another issue which may be easier to solve?  Seamonkey
is my default browser; however, if I click on some other program's
update link or their home page link, IE comes up not Seamonkey?! Is there a way to always have SM come up?

Thanks for all your suggestions!

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