JeffM wrote:
DoctorBill wrote:
I was just downloading a 17 MB file on my slower than a snail dial-up
when I got "disconnected" at about 11 MB downloaded
(an hour or more of downloading!)

When I tried to go back and start downloading again,
the SM Downloader now wants to start all over again !

Calling that PoS a "Download Manager" is a fraud.
IMO, it is THE major shortcoming of the suite.

Here is a listing of various apps
with ratings on their Gecko compatibility:*.*.Version.*.*.*.*+zh+SeaMonkey+registration.required

Even if you can't get Click Detection
transfered from the browser to the app,
you should be able to open the app
and drag & drop the link onto it.

Been working with WinGet 1.9 whilst waiting for someone to answer this post.

I added the .dll to SM's plugin folder as directed, but SM 1.1 will not detect the click - it always goes to it's default DM.

WinGet shows up in "about:plugins", so I know it is there.....

WinGet has a button on the Desktop's lower right bar (don't know what that is called) which brings up the WinGet downloader.

If I copy and paste, it works quite nicely !

Must admit, I haven't interrupted the download and tried to resume yet.

What is strange is that SM 1.1 has had downloads interrupted and resumed in the past - just wouldn't do it for this download:

From Googling about SM's downloader for a while, I see that resuming is not one of its better functions.

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