DoctorBill wrote:
I have been using the DownLoader that came with SM 1.1 and it usually works fine.

I was just downloading a 17 MB file on my slower than a snail dial-up when I got "disconnected" at about 11 MB downloaded (an hour or more of downloading!)

When I tried to go back and start downloading again, the SM Downloader now wants to start all over again !

yup, thats typical

The partially downloaded file is labeled "filename.exe.part" and is ~11 MB in size.

Why won't it pick up where it left off ? I picked the .part file to resume...

Can I somehow force it to "resume" ?

nope, thats one of the downsides of SM downloader, you can't restart where you left off.

If not, I have another downloader (WinGet 1.9) which is SUPPOSED to resume disconnected downloads and even splits up the connections to speed up downloading.

Question 1.  Can I force SM 1.1's Downloader to resume?

if not....

I put a dll from WinGet into SM 1.1's plugin folder as required, but WinGet doesn't take over as specified;

"WinGet can automatically intercept Netscape's default download dialog. To enable integration with Netscape, copy the file WinNP.dll from the WinGet installation folder to Netscape plug-ins folder and rename it to NPWinGet.dll."

Question 2.  How can I make SM 1.1 use WinGet

it should

and not it's own downLoader? SM 1.1's plugins are named npname.dll, but is more needed to be done?

I might be wrong here, but I think winget monitors the clipboard. So you need to copy the download link, and when winget sees the download link in the clipboard, then it'll start the download.

Question 3.  Can I set SM 1.1 up to give me a choice in the Tools Toolbar?


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