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I am having a problem with getting maps on several web sites, using SeaMonkey 1.1.4. They say the same thing, that I need an advanced browser to see their maps, and they suggest Firefox or I.E..

I do not use I.E., but have Firefox on board, and indeed the maps do appear using Firefox.

I am puzzled why they do not work with SeaMonkey, and wonder if there is some sort of plugin that I need.


Morton Linder
SeaMonkey 1.1.14.

In general, this type of problem is due to the web site developer "sniffing"
for the type of browser, and doing it incorrectly. The developer probably
thinks there is IE and Firefox, and that's it. So he looked for those two
and panics when he doesn't see them.

However, as you may know, SeaMonkey uses the same basic rendering engine
used by Firefox (as well as a number of other browsers) named Gecko. This
is what the site should actually be looking for.

You could educate the web site developer about their mistake, but that may
not help you in the short term. For now, you can trick the web site into
thinking you are using the Firefox browser by changing the User Agent string
sent by your browser. One easy way to do this is through the use of a
User Agent Switcher. You may want to use this one:


You then just need to add the User Agent strings for whatever version of
Firefox you wish to look like you're running. You can get the strings
from many places. Here's one:


The nice thing about the User Agent Switcher is it is not only easy to
change the User Agent string, but it goes back to the default when you
quit the browser.

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Another way if you don't have UA Switcher is got to about:config look for user agent String. Then type at the */not Firefox/2.0* at the end and close.

That way websites that need to properly identify SeaMonkey, can and the ones that the sniffer as written wrong will pick up on the word Firefox.

I have formerly decide to no longer to answer questions in SeaMonkey FireFox, and ThunderBird support groups. Because I usually am criticized, due to the fact I am a Mac User. However, I am making a one time exception this time. because the information can be used regardless of Platform.


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