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Should I wait until SeaMonkey 2.0 is released? What's the ETA of 2.0?

ETA is the second half of 2009. I wouldn't wait to upgrade.

I second this. Especially since SM 2.0 may seem less familiar to you than 1.1.14 will be.

Don't care about familiarity, but I do care about the other aspects mentioned below, like ability to take over my old Mozilla 1.7.13 stuff.

Any dos and don'ts that I should be aware of?

Back-up your profile, just in case. Uninstall Mozilla 1.7.13, then install SeaMonkey 1.1.14.

Will all this be correctly imported into SeaMonkey? 1.1? 2.0?

Yes for 1.1.14. Not so certain with SM 2.0, depending on your configuration.

SeaMonkey uses the exact same profile format, so it will start using them as normal.

Many thanks for your input, all of you who replied!

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