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Cruz, Jaime wrote:
And why is it all of a sudden NONE of the Search Engines at MyCroft will work without it??
states that FireFox....
#  Firefox 2.0 - also support OpenSearch Suggestions Extension

Could we say that .....
#  SeaMonkey 1.1.x - also support OpenSearch Suggestions Extension  ???

Is that your question about SM ?

I just reinstalled everything on a new computer and I was trying to add the search engines I USED to have. Suddenly, NONE of them will download and work because they all complain I have to use a browser that supports OpenSearch. What happened to the engines that worked with Seamonkey? They all worked FINE and didn't NEED any kind of "improvement" that BROKE them.

I just tried it and things worked fine.  I had no problems.

Try and reset your UA.

Also, check your settings: Edit, Preferences, Advanced, Software Installation, and at the top right, make sure that sites can install extensions is checked. And if you want, add mycroft to the list.

Otherwise, go and ask them whats wrong:

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