AK wrote:
Jens Hatlak wrote:
John Doue wrote:
AK wrote:
So, when will new version of Seamonkey come out officially?

Have you tested the Beta version?

There is no Beta version. ;-) Alpha 2 was released in December 2008, Alpha 3 is expected for mid/end February. Beta 1 (the only Beta planned) will follow some time later.



Ok, i will be waiting for beta version to come out first.
I've tried Alpha 1 but had interface display problem so I have come back to SM1 again. SM 1 is working ok but sometimes won't habdle some of the websites.
Thanks for info though.


Sometimes the web pages SM1 can't habdle or handle are not the fault of SM but are some other problem with the web page. Do you have any links to web pages you have problems with using SM?

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