J.O. Aho wrote:
> I have seen how Mozilla started out and now been renamed to SeaMonkey,
> one of the bad things that has happen is the adoption of the gtk2
> toolkit, a lot of things has been broken due of gtk2 (that worked fine
> in xlib, gtk and qt), now when it's supposed to become a major
> improvement, will we get back one of those better toolkits like Nokias QT?
> It's horrible that the Linux version gets different key combinations or
> features disabled only for gtk2 is buggy and can't handle things
> correctly or is blocking things in a bad way.

I think you're being a bit subjective here.  Back when building a qt
version was an option, I gave it a try.  I immediately trashed it and
went back to gtk2.

I'm not sure what key strokes you're referring to but it seems to me the
majority of globally accepted strokes for gtk2/linux work as designed.
I do see some disparity in the way return/enter keys are interpreted,
but that is in SeaMonkey only, not FireFox.

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