Rinaldi J. Montessi wrote:

> I'm not sure what key strokes you're referring to but it seems to me the
> majority of globally accepted strokes for gtk2/linux work as designed.
> I do see some disparity in the way return/enter keys are interpreted,
> but that is in SeaMonkey only, not FireFox.

All of the key combinations you use in the Linux (and *nixes using X11)
has some differences to the default key combinations, for example "Mark
All Read" and it seems there will be even more coming by looking at the
"improvements" for SM2.

For a product that is supposed to be a cross platform, it shouldn't have
different key combinations just for a bad toolkit makes it not work,
instead working around bugs in a bad way.

There could be more benefits in moving away from gtk2, thats my opinion
which ain't shared with the gtk2 supporters.
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