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On or about 2/7/2009 7:01 PM, Daniel typed the following:
Rostyslaw Lewyckyj wrote:
--(February 4, 2009) Firefox Update Fixes Six Flaws

Mozilla has released an updated version of Firefox that addresses
six vulnerabilities in the browser. The most serious of the batch
is a critical JavaScript flaw affecting Firefox's layout engine;
it could be exploited to crash the browser and possibly run malicious
The vulnerability also affects the Thunderbird email client and
SeaMonkey Internet Suite.
Other vulnerabilities include cross-site scripting and a problem
with tab restoration that could be exploited to steal local files.

Internet Storm Center:,1000000189,39610692,00.htm

In my thread about replying whilst off-line using SM, NoOp has said that he tested it using SM 1.1.15pre (and it did suffer from the problem!! SM
2.0a3 is o.k. though), so I'm guessing this means, Yes, we are about to
have SM 1.1.15

I don't see a 1.1.15 on the nightlies.


Why are you/they faffing about with 1.1.anything when 2.0a2 actually works
better? Well for me it does.

Because I'm using Win98se and is promised not to work with Win98!

This could/will be a problem for me as well, as I also dual boot, MandrivaLinux/Win98!

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