Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Samuel S wrote:
Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Samuel S wrote:

As well, when backing up e-mails I received an error message from Moz back-up that something was corrupt and could not finish the back up. Yet after another five minutes or so, the back up would continue and finish.

SeaMonkey doesn't have a backup? So what are you talking about? An extension? An addon? Something else?

P3H, There is a product called Mozilla back up, which I use to back up my profile regularly. It does a great job, overall.

If you want to look at it:

I have been using it for sometime now.

Thank you again,


yes, I'm very much aware of that program, and its not an official Mozilla product. If you're having problems with it, then contact them. They can help you better than those in this newsgroup.

P3H - I Am sorry that it appears you have misunderstood the challenge. I only mentioned the program as an "incidental" item. The real challenge is still the crashing of SM 1.1.14 when down loading e-mails.

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