Samuel S wrote:
Brian Mailman wrote:
Samuel S wrote:

P3H  - I Am sorry that it appears you have misunderstood the
challenge. I only mentioned the program as an "incidental" item. The
real challenge is still the crashing of SM 1.1.14 when down loading

Close the program. Go to your profile and delete the .msf file for your Inbox.

Next time your start the program and access you mail, it will rebuild your Inbox. Change the defaults to your liking (deleting the .msf file will wipe out any customized settins you've made) and go from there.

See if that helps.



Thank you for the suggestion. I have done as indicated and now I Am getting multiple duplicates of e-mails in one pass and as well, there are times when the messages will not open and SM closes down.

I Am at a loss here...

Thank you again,

Yow. I'm sorry that suggestion made it *worse* :( . However, I've seen something similar when I've run "Junk Mail Controls" under Tools. But you're not seeming to be doing that.

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