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> I doubt that it will be fixed, as the devs are 
> concentrating their efforts on SM2, and couldn't 
> careless about the 1.1 series. So, the only option I 
> can say is to reboot every now and then.

Let's clarify this:

1. 1.1 is in maintenance mode. This means that only security and
stability fixes are allowed.

2. Most of the memory leaks are in Core (Gecko 1.8.1) and the /core/
developers aren't even looking at 1.8.1 since they are currently working
on 1.9.2. Leaks may be fixed in 1.9.1 or 1.9.0 but 1.8.1 is three
generations ago from their point of view and they probably can't
remember how things used to work that far back.

3. The SeaMonkey team is comparatively small being 100% volunteer driven
and with our limited resources we need to focus on getting 2.0 out of
the door. Already some long time Suite/SeaMonkey users are getting
impatient and threatening to defect to Firefox/Thunderbird. So far we've
managed to keep them in line by dangling 2.0a3pre nightly builds at them
but at some time we need to deliver a working stable 2.0.

... going off topic ...

4. You can help us even if you don't know how to code, you can help us
triage bugs. Yes I know this is a mind numbing brain cell destroying
process and people run screaming away every time I mention this but this
is one area that we are very short of. Thunderbird can afford to employ
QA wage slaves who have no choice but to do this, we can't.

5. Smoke testing 2.0a3, 2.0b1 and 2.0RC1 will need smoketesting before
released for download, and on all three (win/nix/mac) platforms. Even if
you can't code, even if you can't triage, surely you can spare a couple
of hours to run candidate builds through their paces and help us catch
last minute problems.


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