Roger Fink wrote:
Roger Fink wrote:
Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Roger Fink wrote:
This page, viewed daily by zillions, looks great in Firefox 3.06.
Curious to know how it looks in SeaMonkey 2 (it is a mess in
SeaMonkey 1.1.9 at any font size, at least on my Win2k setup).
sorry, I don't have SM2, but it looks the same in FF3
as it does in SM 1.1.14
Yes, creating a profile without extensions seems to fix things. Thanks
Peter. I guess it has something to do one of these: adblock+, menu
editor, image zoom, no squint, prefbar, X-sidebar.

I have all the same extensions installed in FF, except X-sidebar. Not a very
sound analysis, but I suspect that's the culprit.

xsidebar: I doubt it as I've got it too.

I would suspect its either no squint or image zoom. Perhaps you have an unusual setting. Either that, or try: Edit, Preferences, Appearance, Font, and for minimum font size, try none

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