Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
> Roger Fink wrote:
>> Roger Fink wrote:
>>> Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
>>>> Roger Fink wrote:
>>>>> This page, viewed daily by zillions, looks great in Firefox 3.06.
>>>>> Curious to know how it looks in SeaMonkey 2 (it is a mess in
>>>>> SeaMonkey 1.1.9 at any font size, at least on my Win2k setup).
>>>> sorry, I don't have SM2, but it looks the same in FF3
>>>> as it does in SM 1.1.14
>>> Yes, creating a profile without extensions seems to fix things.
>>> Thanks Peter. I guess it has something to do one of these:
>>> adblock+, menu
>>> editor, image zoom, no squint, prefbar, X-sidebar.
>> I have all the same extensions installed in FF, except X-sidebar.
>> Not a very sound analysis, but I suspect that's the culprit.
> xsidebar: I doubt it as I've got it too.
> I would suspect its either no squint or image zoom.
> Perhaps you have an unusual setting.  Either that, or
> try: Edit, Preferences, Appearance, Font, and for
> minimum font size, try none

"Upon further review" it turns out that I can get the page to look passable,
but not great, in SM if I reduce the font to very small, whether using
no-squint or not. The difference between SeaMonkey and Firefox in this
instance, on this machine, is that when the font is set to a larger than
normal size (which for me is necessary), the real estate logjam that occurs
is resolved differently in Firefox (which moves it to the bottom) vs.
SeaMonkey (which overwrites adjacent text).

I think that is the story here.

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