Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
HeavyDuty wrote:
Seamonkey 1.1.14, WinXP Pro SP3

I received an e-mail from a professional organization that provided a link to a website. >

When I clicked the link, a full screen video captured my computer. No way to stop it (without shutting off the computer). These did not work: Ctrl Break, ctrl+alt+delete, esc, enter, tab, f1-f8, you name it, I was captive. How do I stop this type of behavior (besides never clocking on any link)? How do I prevent the take over of my computer when browsing or at least escape from it? Obviously AV and firewalls did not work, nor spybot/teatimer.

I got no "full screen video [which] captured my computer." SM opened in normal mode, and the built in wmp player played. Is that what you're talking about? When your browser opened, it opened in full screen, with no menus, etc? If so, then you didn't go all the way with the F keys. Its F11 to change it back.

Also, you might want to check your javascript settings: Edit, Preferences, Advanced, Scripts & Plug-ins, and uncheck Move or resize existing windows, and Raise or lower windows.

I looked at the script/plug-in settings. Both move or resize and raise/lower were already unchecked. I tried this site again with the same results. I was sent to a standard appearing web page for about 2 seconds, then the screen went totally black, and then a full screen unstoppable video. I tapped, pressed, held F11 with no result. I have no idea what player opens the video. I must say that loss of control is freaky, especially when I fear other (malicious) websites can place what ever they want regardless of firewalls, spybot, AV, etc.
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