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HeavyDuty wrote:
Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:

the one on the right is a flash player and it doesn't run until you click on it. The other one, on the left, is a wmp player and its that one that starts right away.

What happens in a test profile?

Thanks Peter,

What happens, happens pretty fast. I do appreciate your help. If you have figured this out, and so I can deal with this in the future, were you saying in your previous post to hit F11 as soon as I see the opening web page to stop the WMP version from starting? That might be helpful if I ever visit this site again (not likely) but not if I stubble on another web site that does the same thing without my anticipation or and without warning.

Beyond this specific example, once a video starts, as this one does, how to stop it without shutting down? Losing control over the computer is my principal concern.

No. I have not created a test profile yet. I am hoping someone knows how to defeat an "attacking" video.

Thanks for your help.

I didn't say that at all about F11. You said you get a "full screen video captured my computer" so I interpreted that as saying you get the video in Full Screen mode. Hitting F11 is a toggle between full screen and normal screen mode. From the browser, hit F11 and see what happens.

Now reading what you're saying, this is not your problem. So, you have to tell me what you mean by "an 'attacking' video? Yes, on that site [and on others], the video plays automatically. Thats the way the site was designed and the way wmp works. Unfortunately, as far as I know, there is no way to turn off the automatic start of a wmp video without hitting the stop button on the video controls.

So, maybe you need to give a little more info about what exactly is your problem.

F11 toggles nothing. The video plays full screen.
There are no video controls displayed to hit the stop button. If there is a stop button on this (or any other) web site and the video autoplays instantaneously, I doubt that I would know in time to stop it. In this case, WMP does not start in a visible way. The monitor screen just drops to black and a few seconds later the video starts.

The questions remains, how to a) stop an instantaneous video from running without my explicit action to start it, or how to stop such a video during play. All I want is to be able to regain control of the computer and not have to wait until a video ends or until I shut down the computer.
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