flyguy wrote:
>Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
>>Rickles wrote:
>>>I am using SM 1.1.14 on WinXP Pro, SP3.  Media Player install is v10,
>>>and system is up to date with security patches.  This has been an
>>>anoyance for some time, and I'm out of ideas.
>>> From time to time I receive a WMV attachment in an email.  To play
>>>it, I must do one of 2 things:  ensure Mail is the only SM window open
>>>before double-clicking on the WMV file in the SM attachment pane, or
>>>save the file to a folder and play it from there.  In both those
>>>cases, double-clicking on the file opens Media Player and the movie
>>>plays. If an SM browser window is already open, the tab which has
>>>focus goes blank, the address bar shows the path to the file to be
>>>played, and then SM stops.  No CPU freezes or system lockups, but SM
>>>goes no further.
>>>I've looked at Helper Apps and WMV files are listed under
>>>video/x-ms-wmv, but it makes no difference whether I leave it to the
>>>SM default action, or point the Helper App settings to the executable
>>>for WMP, same behavior.  The about:plugins screen shows an entry for
>>>Windows Media Player as np-nswmp.dll for the file extension *.wmv as
>>>So long as the browser is closed, WMP does it's thing.  If a browser
>>>window is open, nothing but a blank tab.  Any ideas?
>>its a known problem.  I have the same problems, too. But I doubt this
>>will be fixed in SM 1.1.x.  Perhaps it will be for SM2.
>>BTW: WMP 11 is the latest, not 10.
>My wife and I have the same problem on our computers. Just yesterday, I
>discovered it would work with the browser windows closed. Dang! I was
>hoping it was setting I had foolishly screwed up. Oh well, at least my
>wife will stop nagging me about it.

Have either of you considered trying a different media player
--one that is superior to M$'s PoS?
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