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I am using SM 1.1.14 on WinXP Pro, SP3.  Media Player install is v10,
and system is up to date with security patches.  This has been an
anoyance for some time, and I'm out of ideas.

From time to time I receive a WMV attachment in an email.  To play
it, I must do one of 2 things:  ensure Mail is the only SM window open
before double-clicking on the WMV file in the SM attachment pane, or
save the file to a folder and play it from there.  In both those
cases, double-clicking on the file opens Media Player and the movie
plays. If an SM browser window is already open, the tab which has
focus goes blank, the address bar shows the path to the file to be
played, and then SM stops.  No CPU freezes or system lockups, but SM
goes no further.

I've looked at Helper Apps and WMV files are listed under
video/x-ms-wmv, but it makes no difference whether I leave it to the
SM default action, or point the Helper App settings to the executable
for WMP, same behavior.  The about:plugins screen shows an entry for
Windows Media Player as np-nswmp.dll for the file extension *.wmv as

So long as the browser is closed, WMP does it's thing.  If a browser
window is open, nothing but a blank tab.  Any ideas?
its a known problem.  I have the same problems, too. But I doubt this
will be fixed in SM 1.1.x.  Perhaps it will be for SM2.

BTW: WMP 11 is the latest, not 10.
My wife and I have the same problem on our computers. Just yesterday, I
discovered it would work with the browser windows closed. Dang! I was
hoping it was setting I had foolishly screwed up. Oh well, at least my
wife will stop nagging me about it.

Have either of you considered trying a different media player
--one that is superior to M$'s PoS?

No, we haven't. Does it work with SM 1.1.14 and SM 2? How is it better? Other than this quirk with SM, WMP does the very little that we need done - most joke videos emailed to us.
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