Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Rick Merrill wrote:
TOM7601 wrote:
Rick Merrill wrote:
IE8(b) has hijacked my "internet shortcuts".

There do not appear to be 'file extensions' associated
with internet shortcuts.

How can I get SeaMonkey to field "internet shortcuts"?

Edit | Preferences | Navigator | Set Default Browser

Did not work!  The option is grayed out!! I have even
re-installed SeaMonkey!!!

close SM and IE, then click on the windows start button, then Settings, then the Internet Options icon. Now, under Programs tab, make IE the default. OK your way out, then open IE, close it and Open SM. Now make SM the default.

SM *IS* (AND has been for some time) the "default browser", but apparently IE8 has found a way to re-wire the registry so that it owns all the "internet shortcuts!"

afraid to uninstall ie8!

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