Rick Merrill wrote:
JeffM wrote:
Rick Merrill wrote:
SM *IS* (AND has been for some time) the "default browser",
but apparently IE8 has found a way to re-wire the registry
so that it owns all the "internet shortcuts!"

The reason for this has already been revealed.

M$ software always thinks it's King of the World
and will invariably overwrite what exists.
If you are going to live in a M$ world, get used to it.

In his classic tome “Running Linux”, Matt Welsh warned
that in order to install Linux on a box that will include Windoze,
you must install the M$ stuff **first**;
installing it later would nuke your Linux install.

All hail Redmond!  8-|

afraid to uninstall ie8!

So, you've made your choice.  Learn to live with it
or learn how to use the Registry Editor to do everything by hand.

"It's not my fault." There is no uninstall in the add/remove control!

This might help, because it explains IE 8 is an "update" and reverting to IE 7 is done differently than a remove:

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