Rick Merrill wrote:
>SM *IS* (AND has been for some time) the "default browser",
>but apparently IE8 has found a way to re-wire the registry
>so that it owns all the "internet shortcuts!"
The reason for this has already been revealed.

M$ software always thinks it's King of the World
and will invariably overwrite what exists.
If you are going to live in a M$ world, get used to it.

In his classic tome “Running Linux”, Matt Welsh warned
that in order to install Linux on a box that will include Windoze,
you must install the M$ stuff **first**;
installing it later would nuke your Linux install.

All hail Redmond!  8-|

>afraid to uninstall ie8!
So, you've made your choice.  Learn to live with it
or learn how to use the Registry Editor to do everything by hand.
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