Well I followed the instructions provided by Peter P.
and Rostyk and am now able to receive email but cannot
send.  Just went through about 1/2 hour with AT&T CSR
with negative results, deleted SeaMonkey and reinstalled
with no luck.

I can use the browser no problem
I can receive email no problem
I can use the browser and get and send email with no problem
I can use the newsgroups also with no problem.

AT&T will call back to see if the reinstall did any good
which it did not so any tips this one has me beat.  I have
changed the password on my modem, router, and web site and
they all match.  They even did the remote connection and
could not figure it out.

Perplexed bothered and bewildered

L e e (in Florida)

Using Vista Premium
using SSL bolean
using the new pop and smtp setting
995 and 465
Seamonkey 1.1.14
Using McAfee Total Protection
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