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How do you make the menu and drop down 'letters' within the Seamonkey browser larger.

I'd thought there was some script for that but I can't recall.



I don't know what you mean by 'drop down', but for the menus, add this to your userChrome.css file or put into stylish. You can change the 13px to anything you want:

.menubar-text {font-size: 13px !important;}

menupopup .menu-iconic-text, popup .menu-iconic-text,
menupopup .menu-iconic-left, popup .menu-iconic-left,
menupopup .menu-iconic-accel, popup .menu-iconic-accel,
menupopup .menu-text, popup .menu-text,
menupopup .menu-accel, popup .menu-accel
{font-size: 13px !important;}


Thanks for the reply. What I meant by drop down menus, were things like
the File-View-Options drop downs along with the bookmarks.

I put your info in the userChrome.css, and put that into my
chrome folder, but I didn't notice any difference in type size.

Thanks again,


if you're using userChrome.css, then you need to restart SM for it to work.

as for the bookmarks, you need this:

#bookmarks-ptf menupopup {font-size: 15px !important;}
#bookmarks-ptf .bookmark-item
{font-size: 12px !important;}

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