On 3/8/2009 4:27 AM PT, squaredancer typed:

Maybe an extension that you guys have in common - may be worth listing and comparing!

My FF extensions:

AVG Safe Search 8.0 (from AVG free)
Bookmarks Backup 0.4.9
Exitbutton FF 0.4.1
ImageShack 0.1.6 rightclick
Java Quickstarter 1.0
Keywordfilter 0.3.3
ReminderFox 1.9
TabFix 1.5.2
User Agent Switcher 0.6.11
UserChrome.js 1.1

I tried again after disabling all Firefox addons/extensions and restarting Firefox v2.0.0.20. Same problem. :(

Why are you still using v1.5?

Of course - the validation check (see Ant's post) says it all!

It was JeffM's. :)
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