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Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:

as others have said, and I will say too, there is no problem with FF 3. SM 1.1.x is based on the old FF 2 coding, therefore, there are some website coding that will not work in old FF/SM coding -- for example php. I will go out on a hunch and say that SM2 should work, as its based on FF3 coding.

I want to correct a misconception that seems to crop up here, occasionally, and has done so, again.

PHP is one of many *server* side scripting languages, others include ASP, CFM, and JSP, to name a few. (They all behave in a generally similar manner, so, while I'm using PHP as the current example, you could substitute any of the other flavors, as well.)


Well stated, Alex!
Saved me a lot of time looking things up!  :-D

I enjoyed my Sunday morning class!

keith whaley
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