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Keith Whaley wrote:

Where is SM mail Inbox located on my H.D.?

I'm running a Mac, with OS 10.5.6, and SM 1.1.13.

keith whaley

Its in the profile.

SeaMonkey 1.1.13



I tried:

Finder/Go/Computer/Devices/Keith's Computer/Internal HD/
Library/Mozilla/Profiles/Keith Whaley/Oh2b4h2f.sit/

There are some mail files in there, but they're all from 2005. Netscape 7.2 stuff. I suppose I can throw them out?

However, I DID find what I'm searching for by following the path:

Finder/Go/Computer/Devices/Keith's Computer/Internal HD/

Thunderbird? I guess Thunderbird is sharing mail files from SeaMonkey, but I have no SeaMonkey file under Library or Profiles!
Why not?
Anybody with an idea?

open SM, then click on Edit, Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings, select the account, and under Server Settings, look at the bottom right, and you will find something called Local Directory. That will tell you the location of that Mail Account. Then you can go from there.

As a location of the appropriate files, that worked just fine.
I was confused because Safari was there, as was Thunderbird, but not SeaMonkey!
Seamonkey's mail and other files are in the Mozilla folder, but not identified as SM...

Oh well, I have better things to concern myself with.
Thanks for all the help, Lee and Peter!

keith whaley

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