keith_w wrote:
Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Keith Whaley wrote:
I mean on my H.D.

I'm running a Mac, with OS 10.5.6, and SM 1.1.13.


keith whaley

you've been here long enough to know that its kept in the SM profile:

Yessir, I certainly have, but I was looking for a _SeaMonkey_ folder,
which I didn't find, 'cause there IS none. As I said in an earlier post
today, Thunderbird has one, as does Safari, etc. No SM.

The other kicker is, as I was searching, I find a number of identically
named folders, such as Profile, and Library and Mail. I was slow in
identifying which location had the correct folders I needed.

I know that too, but when I was looking specifically for a "SeaMonkey"
folder and Profile, and didn't find any so identified, I was thrown off
for a wee bit... :-D


SeaMonkey orfiles are in the Mozilla folder. SeaMonkey 2.0 will store it in a folder called SeaMonkey.

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