>>John Boyle wrote:
>>>To All: There could also be a problem with Office Depot's site itself,
>JeffM wrote:
>>There isn't any "could" about it.
>>This has already been addressed in this thread:
>>>as they are experiencing financially caused shrinking problems! :-)
>>With their inability to assign competent people to do tasks,
>>this shouldn't come as a shock.
squaredancer wrote:
>"Competent people" cost (and want) money - if your company's money
>is going to the CEOs and management, instead of to the work force
>(aka Human Resources), then the work force will work accordingly
>- and the work is invertly equal to management gains!
>This system of "saving overheads" functions so long, until the company
>goes bust - then the workforce is blamed and thrown onto the country's
>social system, whilst the managers bathe in glory
>- another bad company resolved and 15 month's
>worth of compensation for "prematurely terminated contracts"

> reg

...and an example:

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