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Phillip Jones, C.E.T. wrote:
Before anyone starts.

I am asking a question. I've quit giving support for Mac SeaMonkey. Because I've told one too many time to shove it, Mac support is unwelcome nor desired.

Phillip, I take offense at this!! Don't tar me with this brush, Phillip!!

I have never, to the best of my recollection, told you not to offer Mac support....I have merely suggested (told you) that your offering Mac solutions where the OP has specified they are not using a Mac system is a waste of your time and the OP's.

If you want to offer support to anybody that states that they are using a Mac, GO FOR IT!! I could just about accept you offering Mac solutions when the OP does not mention what system they are using, even though I would expect that you know how to determine what system they are most likely using!!

Don't tar me with this brush, Phillip!!


Take offense if you wish . But; generally the times I gave advice was when no indication of Computer type or system was given. and I giving the advice on the off chance that it was either a Mac system, or that Mac people run into the same problem. And a lot of times while the menu choices, and key Combo's are different, the advice is identical. You just have to translate the differences in menu names/menus/and key combos.

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