Keith Whaley wrote:
Phillip Jones, C.E.T. wrote:
Before anyone starts.

I am asking a question. I've quit giving support for Mac SeaMonkey.

Sorry to hear that, Phillip.

Because I've told one too many time to shove it, Mac support is unwelcome nor desired.

By whom? No, seriously! What sort of retard comes right out and opines such a thing? If you're REALLY leaving, you might consider naming names...
I'd like to know which ones to add to my plonk list...
You mean, the Mac side has never stood up and supported you when that happens?
That's absolutely unconscionable!

Its been so long. And I used to read and answer a lot on the groups. I haven't posted replies in about 5-6 month and was on one other time to ask question. some even followed me over general and commented laugh That I couldn't hold out not posting. I've forgotten who.

What go me in to the situations was that when I answered a question the original poster didn't say whether it was PC/Mac/UNIX/Linux/Amiga , whatever.

So to be on the safe side help Mac people with that problem, I would answer using the Mac perspective on the problem.

So after the last several snide remarks. I just thought I'd oblige.


Question: I've had this problem from time to time but its years since I have had the problem:

In my list of news Servers there is one that get regenerated called news and email address is shown as User invalid. I've tried to figure out what components in the Pref.js file to to delete. I've tried figuring out using both a text editor or the built in config editor. And I tried going to account wizard and killing the account named News.

I am using SM 1.1.14 but I've had this on going problem from time to tie every since the first version of Mozilla came out.

You would think after about 10 years some one would come up with a way to prevent this from happening.

I'd like to fix. all it is annoying but. with My age and patience. I can't abide annoyances.

Once this question is answered; I'll get off the list and leave it to the PC only crowd.

Ah well... I've heard the PC people are snobbish boors, but didn't want to believe it.
I've known some wonderful people who are...I mean USE PCs. Seems a bit odd!

Most PC people are not. but there some that are still arrogant to think that no one deserves support except PC people.

I'll really be sorry to have you go.
But, if no-one will assist you, what's a person to do?

keith whaley

And to the Monitor. I know this is off topic but was asked a question on this group. And its the last to be said on the subject on this group.

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