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Before anyone starts.

I am asking a question. I've quit giving support for Mac SeaMonkey.
Because I've told one too many time to shove it, Mac support is
unwelcome nor desired.


Question: I've had this problem from time to time but its years
since I
have had the problem:

In my list of news Servers there is one that get regenerated called
and email address is shown as User invalid. I've tried to figure out
what components in the Pref.js file to to delete. I've tried
out using both a text editor or the built in config editor. And I
going to account wizard and killing the account named News.

I am using SM 1.1.14 but I've had this on going problem from time
to tie
every since the first version of Mozilla came out.

You would think after about 10 years some one would come up with
a way
to prevent this from happening.

I'd like to fix. all it is annoying but. with My age and patience. I
can't abide annoyances.

Once this question is answered; I'll get off the list and leave
it to
the PC only crowd.

Upgrade to SM 2.0.a3. ;)

I only say that, because that is the only thing that solved the same
problem for me.

I opened SeaMonkey one afternoon, and was greeted with the account
wizard. I clicked out of it, and my accounts were there, but there
this bizarre rogue News account, exactly as you describe.

I removed the account using Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings, but it
reappeared the next time I started SeaMonkey.

I clsed SeaMonkey and removed the News folder in the, well News
of the profile. It came back as soon as I restarted. I combined the
two operations. It came back.

I am quite sure that the change to the alpha was what did it so much
as the fact that it creates a new profile. You could probably
create a
new profile and migrate your data from the old to the new. I am quite
sure that would fix it, but I was going to test the alpha anyway, so
what the heck. Fortunately, 2.0 has progressed to the point that zI
can use it as a day to day browser and mail/news/rss client quite

The funny thing about the rogue account was that it was functional. I
could subscribe to groups and read them. However, When I cloised and
reopened, they would all be gone.

So I suggest three options;

1) Just live with it. It doesn't cause any problem, other then being

2) Create a new profile, test to make sure its okay, then migrate

3) Try the alpha.

Option 1 might be the best course until 2.0 hits beta. There are
some glitches, though I can attest that its going to be agreat

By the way, this funny News account only appeared on my gracefully
aging iMac G5. My Intel Macbook has been just fine.

This happened to me and I have 1.1.4--happened all the sudden just as
you state. I have removed it with remove account and have removed the
folder with Seamonkey closed and it just comes back the next time I
start Seamonkey. I have not changed version since I installed 1.1.4
it came out. It happened about a month ago. Weired

I'm assuming you meant 1.1.14. I'm almost glad to see that this has
affected a Windows user as well.

The "upgrade" suggestion was tongue in cheek, of course. Its good,
very good, but it is an alpha.

Take a look at Grant/Peter's suggestion to Phillip, concerning
removing the account, and editing pref.js. My suggestion of creating a
new profile and moving the data basically accomplishes the same thing,
the new profile has a new prefs.js. That should solve the issue.

No I am still using 1.1.4

Ah, I see. I'm a bit curious as to why?

I have several extension that seem to break when I upgrade and the
newert version seem to have brought along more bugs and I have been
satisfied win 1.1.4. Just a stuck in the mud I guess.

Heaven's no. I understand completely.

I had a large number of extensions added in through x-sidebar. (Thanks Phil!!!). These extensions were critical in my ability to use SeaMonkey effectively.

However, it got to the point that with every single point release, I had to blow away the chrome folder and reinstall every extension to get SeaMonkey to work again!!!

I feel your pain! ;)

With a SeaMonkey 1.1.15 coming, I really didn't want to go through that again. Indeed, on my MacBook, I just didn't update to 1.1.14, because I just didn't want to fuss with the extensions again.

Enter SeaMonkey 2.0.3.

I had been keeping up with the SM 2 nightlies, which showed great promise, but, for me, were not usable on a regular basis. As a teacher, once the school year started, I did not have time for much looking at the nightlies.

I did decide to take a flyer on 2.0a3. I can't get all my extension, and I sorely miss mnenhy, web developer toolbar, and the quirky but cool lcarstrek theme, along with a few others, but, by golly, it works, it works well, and I am using it as my default.

Stayed tuned, its going to have to go through some betas, and some RC's, but its going to be a stunning release.

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