Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
NoOp wrote:
On 03/13/2009 04:57 PM, Barry Edwin Gilmour wrote:
NoOp wrote:
Don't know... on one machine I have headers back to 3/27/2006 and I
added the 'attachments' column. Sorting on that column and scrolling
through it yields no attachments. Perhaps it was further back than that?

Maybe stripped attachments, or file too-big for filter?
search back -to 02/24/2009 (<3-weeks) even shows size (KB)

Interesting... now that I click on that msg the attachment tag does show
up. I'd reloaded the newsgoup msgs; loaded a 1000 I think and selected
'Mark remaining as read', so perhaps that has something to do with it.

Thanks for pointing that out & of course apologies to the Purple dude
(Grant) as well :-)

you see, I'm not just a pretty typist :-) :-D

There's a line there......but this is the support group!

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