Rostyslaw Lewyckyj wrote:
1) Which systems will the new version(s) of SM be available and
supported on? I.e. not just Microsoft operating systems on Intel
cpus. For example: Apple MacIntoshes on their version of U*ix,
Mac G4s, other Unices, Sparc solaris, et.c.

Windows 2000 and higher,
Mac OS 10.4 and higher,
Linux/Unix with GTK 2.10 or higher,
other systems (e.g. OS/2) depending on the code of their Mozilla platform ports, I don't have much insight there

See also for the system requirements of the official builds (Windows, Mac, Linux)

2) What support are we all looking for?

A stable series such as 1.1.x is only about security and stability fixes in any case, new features don't have any place there, that's what development series are for. For regressions and other non-enhancement bugs, where they can be fixes depends very much on how intrusive, large and risky the patches are. If all of that is low enough and the reward of fixing them is high enough and the fix has "baked" long enough in development nightlies to show it doesn't break anything, approval to take them in a stable series (such as 1.1.x or later this year 2.0.x) will be granted by the SeaMonkey Council, if requested by the patch author. Note that all of this needs someone to even work on it and provide a patch in the first place.

Robert Kaiser
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