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Oldest OS on computers with internet access should be Win2000 by now for most companies ;-)

sorry, but I still know of a couple of companies that are still using win95

A few may still use IBM's OS/2 Warp, or the OEM version eComStation.

In all of this discussion about dropped support for SM 1.x on various
Windows versions after the release of SM 2*, there has been no mention
of several issues:
1) Which systems will the new version(s) of SM be available and
supported  on? I.e. not just Microsoft operating systems on Intel
cpus. For example: Apple MacIntoshes on their version of U*ix,
Mac G4s, other Unices, Sparc solaris, et.c.
2) What support are we all looking for?
2.1)Is it strictly fixing security holes/bugs?
2.2)Is it repair of other existing bugs, including regressions
introduced with the 1.x improvements? :-(
2.3)Is it introduction of new features ?

I would gladly settle for 2.1 & 2.2. I could care less about 2.3
If and when I run into missing bells and whistles, I'll find  other
tools. But I like SM and would like, and was hoping for, a reliable
bug free program.
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