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I see that we talk about SM 2.0 (noux in 2.0 Alpha 3) but I hope that
you continue to update SM 1.1.x
SM 2.x is not compatible with old Windows versions (Windows 9x, Me, NT)
ou with old computer but there are many and many offices and
professionnal computers that use it...

Oldest OS on computers with internet access should be Win2000 by now
for most companies ;-)

sorry, but I still know of a couple of companies that are still using win95

I think it also depends on how you define company. My church has a couple of old 98 boxes that they use as workstations, on in our choir room, and the other in the church school office. They are not going to replace these machines, unless someone donates new machines,yet both have important purposes.

I would suspect that there are manyf non profits in the same situation.

Yes, if I were in charge of my church's network, I would install Linux on the old machines, then teach the users how to get around, but I'm not. These machines are still out there.

None the less, I am in complete agreement with Robert, it is simply not realistic for the SeaMonkey Project to continue to support Win 98/ME. Its unfortunate, but its also reality.


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