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When I use Netcape 7.2  in select applications, I can use the back
button to go back without losing previously displayed information.   I
am not sure but I think this is because some cached information is not
being cleared automatically? This is one of the two main reasons I
keep using Netscape, the other being integrated mail.   With other
browsers including IE, I lose my cached information when I use the
back button on these applications.   With Seamonkey I am also losing
this information.   Is there any setting I can change to stop this
from happening?
I think what you are saying is that a previous web page you viewed may have changed since you looked at it, but you want the back button to not show you that change. If so, look at Edit/Preferences/Advanced/Cache and see which of the four comparison options you have selected. It sounds like you want either "Once per session" or "Never" and not either of the other two. Those other two options will cause a change to the previous page to override what's in the cache. Also, make sure your cache is big enough to hold whatever you want it to keep.
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