Chuck Mryglot wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm on 1.1.13 and  running POP email.
> Lately I've noticed that it is very slow.    It downloads fine, but just 
> going from message to message is about a 4 sec duration...regardless of 
> the size of the mail.   I don't remember if this all started with 
> 1.1.13....but probably.  

No, it started log before that.

 > Help anyone?

Try searching for messages about slow mail and re-scanning plug-ins.

Months ago there was a report that SeaMonkey was re-scanning some plug-in
(or extension?) directory every time it switched to display a different e-mail
message.  My vague recollection was that there was setting to directly disable
the automatic scanning (or some way to list plug-ins/extensions to indirectly
stop the scanning).

 > Would there be any problem
> re-installing an older version to see if the issue goes away?

I doubt that would help.

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