Gianluca Turconi wrote:
Here what happens:

a) I've unselected "Switch to new tabs opened from links", in SM options;
b) All pages are set to be opened in new tabs;

I forgot to add:

b1) I've selected "Middle-click opens tabs instead of windows", in SM options;


I see some conundrums:-
Shouldn't focus stay on the job-at-hand, which is the opening of the browser to load the linked-page in a browser-background-tab, rather than staying-focussed on a different-component of the suite (Mail/News)? Wouldn't many opened-tabs running in the background, count against its use?

Those preferences are browser-component-settings, so middle-click calls/opens the (browser-component) main-window to-load the (browser-component) tab-page in-the-background.

"maintaining the existing-window's focus" function, needs a separate-setting, but I could-not easily-locate a preference or "about:config" (focus) setting for this feature. Can anyone in the group illuminate on that preference?

I would like to know the answer, because I do see a usability-case for this (Right now, I'm busy editing a web-page, reading-mail, or editing my address-book, and I may forget the link-locations but later, I do-want to read these [tabbed] link-pages in my browser). Barry.
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