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On 27/03/2009 07:35, Barry Edwin Gilmour wrote:
> luctur wrote:
>> If I middle click on a link in a mail message body, the browser window
>> stays in background, while if I middle click on that link in the
>> headers, the focus is stolen.
>> It's the only situation in which SM has this behavior. Well, at least
>> for what I saw so far.
>> Regards,
>> Gianluca
> Yes, background-browser-links work fine in both Mail and News body, but 
> not in News-&-Blogs header.
> At the time when the RSS-feed-reader was being inserted into SeaMonkey, 
> there was a big-problem just-getting the feed-header-link to open in the 
> browser ( For a while there, it needed a "cut and paste" into the 
> browser's URL-bar), so it took a big-effort just to manufacture the 
> active-link within the RSS-reader component's header. I suspect that 
> this-difficulty is part of the problem, and that the active RSS 
> header-links in SeaMonkey News and Blogs are special, as header-URLs are 
> not normally active-links.
> I think this question has moved from user-provided-support into 
> SeaMonkey-development.
> Perhaps you may care to ask the question in 
> news://, where the 
> developers are more likely to consider the question as a 
> utility/feature-request?
> Maybe it should-be a feature-request bug, but it seems unlikely that it 
> was previously-overlooked, given the utility-benefit of the function, or 
> that anyone now has spare-time to work on it.
> I still use Newsfox, because of the inconvenient-jumping between 
> Browser-window and News-&-Blogs-window, simply to-read each 
> selected-web-site of interest, not to mention being-able to-continue 
> skimming-through the RSS-precis for additional interesting-articles, 
> without losing the interesting pages parked in the background-tabs. 
> Opening several-hundred uninteresting-web-pages within my News-&-Blogs 
> pane, defeats the task (and wastes my download allocation).
> If the RSS-feeds precis could be skimmed within News-and-Blogs, only 
> opening chosen-pages-of-interest in the browser-background-tabs without 
> raising the browser (or alternately, being able to selectively only 
> download/open the interesting-web-pages within the News-&-Blogs pane?), 
> then either of these scenarios would be a viable-alternative to using a 
> fully-developed SeaMonkey-RSS-extension. In the interim, NewsFox works 
> for me in all versions of SeaMonkey.
> Hope this is some help. Barry.

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