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> I see some conundrums:-
> Shouldn't focus stay on the job-at-hand, which is the opening of the
> browser to load the linked-page in a browser-background-tab, rather than
> staying-focussed on a different-component of the suite (Mail/News)?
> Wouldn't many opened-tabs running in the background, count against its use?
> Those preferences are browser-component-settings, so middle-click
> calls/opens the (browser-component) main-window to-load the
> (browser-component) tab-page in-the-background.

I understand your point.

However, as you wrote, there is a usability problem here.

If I middle click on a link in a mail message body, the browser window
stays in background, while if I middle click on that link in the
headers, the focus is stolen.

It's the only situation in which SM has this behavior. Well, at least
for what I saw so far.


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