Martin Feitag wrote:
Leonidas Jones schrieb:
I have a question about mismatched domains in SM 2.0.a3. I have set up
two accounts with same news server, one with the actual name, and
another with the numbered IP address. This allows me to set up different
groups for different purposes in the two accounts.

This is on a secure server, so, of course the cert causes an error for
the numbered IP account.

In SM 1.1.x, I had a choice of View Cert, Cancel, of OK to accept the

In SM 2.0.a3, I have only the option to View, or Cancel, making it
impossible to view the groups. Is there some way to get the OK option

At the present, I am using TB to view the account.


=> Preferences
=> ...Privacy...
=> Certificates
=> Manage Certificates
=> "Server" tab
=> Add Exception


Sorry this just looped endlessly as the SM attempted to verify the server.

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