JeffM wrote:
HeavyDuty wrote:
After I learned what the search name was for what I wanted
(file hosting), I searched and tested 15 sites and concluded
that met my needs best. Very simple interface
and not much advertising. Also, after a ten second delay,
very easy to down load.

It doesn't sound like you can **deep-link** to an image
but, instead people have to go to a **page**.
That sucks.

I am not parking an image, but a file to download.
Of all the sites I viewed and tested, (previously I missed-spelled that) is the easiest site to operate for a recipient. Yes, it would be nice to go to a link and immediately and automatically start a download, but, the file hosting sites are free (mostly) public sites that sustain themselves with ads. Until I find a for-pay file hosting site that provides the automatic experience, or I start my own domain web site, I think the people I send to will tolerate and download what I want them to retrieve with little irritation and inconvenience.
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