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BeeNeR wrote:
I've always had problems printing coupons with SeaMonkey. And no
problems at all using IE. Although I have installed couponprinter.exe
many times I still cannot print these coupons. Latest one is the one
from ScottsEZSeed $5.00 coupon.

Most of these sites use the couponprinter.exe program, but it doesn't
work for me. I usually end up calling the company and they send the
coupon by U.S. mail.

This has happened with Epson and HP printers, and even using FinePrint
as a printer.

Any suggestions?

I don't have an answer, but an opinion: printing in SM has always sucked!

As it has in all Mozilla products, from the beginning.

If we had a link to the page with the printable coupons, maybe we could
be more specific.  However, I generally copy whatever I want to print
into a word processor document, then print that.  It gives me far more
control over what the printed outcome is.


I'm not sure what happens after the couponprinting software is
installed.  Just keeps telling me I need the printing software.  If you
reload the page, they think you've printed the coupon and you no longer
have the option available.  This is true with every site I ever visited
for a coupon using the couponprinting.exe method.

Other sites that just display a coupon for printing have no problem.

For example, try to print the coupon from Scotts grass seed at:


Well, I went to the site, and filled out the form. I got an email reply quite quickly, and clicked the link.

I am glad to see that they do have a Mac version. Unfortunately, I, like most of us here, am reluctant to install an unknown piece of software simply to run a test. I am sorry.

Like others, I do wonder why they go through this nonsense for a $5 off coupon, which they probably issue in most daily newspapers anyway? It seems a counterproductive marketing strategy.

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